"Void Sweet Void" - New Album

The journey of Ghost Prom (consisting of Cameron and Eden Crosby) commenced on a rainy morning in Vancouver, where creativity blossomed over a shared cup of coffee and a weathered guitar.. Now based in upstate New York, Ghost Prom's music is an intricate tapestry woven from diverse influences (like Elliot Smith, Sam Shepard, Early Johnny Depp movies, Townes Van Zandt, and Peter Doherty) that have shaped their lives. Through lyrics that explore vulnerability, addiction, and the triumph of honesty, they invite listeners into their world, sharing their struggles and triumphs as a source of solace and connection. The new album, Void Sweet Void, is now available to stream on all platforms.

"Gramma" - Single

New York-based husband and wife musical duo Ghost Prom, made up of Cameron and Eden Crosby, have unveiled their latest song, “Gramma,” a hard-hitting indie-rock tune about a grandson’s wish to send his grandma off peacefully from this life to the next while facing the reality of where she may have ended up. With intimate poeticism reminiscent of Elliot Smith and a distinctive blend of Small Room Indie Rock and Countrygaze (reflective of Great Grandpa, Oso Oso, and Kurt Vile), “Gramma'' is the third single off the band’s highly-anticipated debut album, Void Sweet Void, set for release on November 17 via Indiana-based indie label, Wally Opus Records.

"Let Me Alone" - Single

After spending nearly two years immersed in the creative process of making their debut album, Ghost Prom resurfaced last month with an emotionally-charged lead single in “5am.” Now, the New York-based husband and wife duo made up of Cameron and Eden Crosby welcomes listeners into the intimate, nostalgic space of their newest song; a down-tempo, country-leaning neo-noir folk tune (reflective of Better Oblivion Community Center, Adult Mom, and Lomelda) titled, “Let Me Alone.” Gentle acoustic strums, soft coupled vocals, and a soothing palette of organ and steel guitar are grounded by dense bass and lofi-drums giving listeners a comforting entry into Ghost Prom’s softer side.

"5am" - Single

"5am" has undergone years of evolution as the duo spent time experimenting and refining their sound until the right pieces fell into place. The turning point came when a "wrong note" during the chorus chord progression revealed the missing element that had eluded them. Reflective of the melodic dissonance found in the work of Cameron’s idol Elliot Smith, this unexpected twist unlocked “5am's” emotional resonance leading to a cathartic and powerful composition. Stream the new single anywhere.

Don't Die -EP

Don't Die is Ghost Prom's inaugural EP. Self-described as "two kids from a missing milk carton never got found, died and became ghosts. While ghosts we got a couple guitars, lived off s'mores - coffee - cigarettes and started a band. We play exclusively proms."